Introduction of Caritas Hong Kong

Caritas–Hong Kong (Caritas) was founded in July 1953 by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong. The primary purpose of its establishment was to offer relief and rehabilitation services to the poor and the distressed, with the aim of addressing some of the social hardships and inequalities in Hong Kong resulting from the Second World War and subsequent social and political changes at the time.

Since its modest beginning in 1953, Caritas has persisted in its efforts to help people strive for self-development and self-reliance. As a multi-service organization, Caritas has continuously developed and modified its services in response to Hong Kong’s changing needs. The wide-ranging services provided by Caritas include social work services, education, medical care, community development and hospitality.

Introduction of Youth and Community Service

Youth and Community Service was established to serve children, young people and the community. A range of services are provided:
Community Centre, Integrated Children and Youth Services Centre, District Youth Outreaching Service, Children and Youth Centre, Stationing School Social Work Service at secondary and primary schools, supportive service for schools, Counselling Centre for Psychotropic Substance Abusers, a network of Libraries and Study Rooms, After School Care Programmes.

The Service aims to promote integral human development of young people and communities through the process of understanding, concern, participation and co-responsibility. The development process encourages a sense of individual and communal responsibility for the promotion of mutual care and social integration.

Introduction of Caritas Jockey Club Integrated Service For Young People – Wong Tai Sin

Caritas Jockey Club Integrated Service For Young People – Wong Tai Sin is located at Wong Tai Sin district, providing Centre-Based, Outreaching and School Social Work in an Integrated Service.

Approach which facilitate the comprehensive and effective service for children and youth. We aim at developing their potentials and facilitating them to contribute to the society. Our services include
Individual and Group Counseling, Developmental Groups, Voluntary Service, Civil Education, Community Involvement, Afterschool Care
Program, Interest Courses and Tutorial Classes, etc.

We network with the community parties and schools to build up partnership, in order to respond to the variety needs of youth, providing developmental, preventive and remedial services.