Service Target

Youth, aged 12 to 24, and their families living in the district

Service Aims

  • To foster and develop the expertise、interest and skills of the young people so that they can enhance their self-confidence and image ;
  • To establish their life / career goal ;
  • To strive to promote proper and positive values ; to establish harmony interpersonal and family relationship ;
  • To provide assistance for young people in disadvantaged circumstances and special needs;
  • To participate in the social issue and care the deprived groups
  • To cooperate with the local parties for advocating young people’s welfare and promoting an enabling environment for them.

Service Activities

Interests and Life Skills Training

We are aimed at fostering and developing the expertise、interests and skills of the young people .

We are also strive for :

  1. Developing the potential and interest of young people so as to enhance their self-confidence and image ;
  2. Enhancing their self-esteem and efficacy by helping them to have self-understanding .
  3. Establish the positive direction & values for the growth of youth.

Adolescent Award Scheme

The Adolescent Award Scheme was established in 1991 and was implemented in YCS services units. It is aimed at encouraging participants to learn the value and importance of self- discipline, independence and perseverance through a gradual series of experience in the diversified activities offered. Outstanding participants will be selected and invited to attend the mainland exchange tour. It is hoped to promote the holistic development of participants.

There are 4 Sections of Activities. All participants need to complete 4 sections including Skills training, Adventure training, Voluntary service and Talent training.

  • Skills Training: to develop personal interests and social skills
  • Adventure-based Training: To encourage a spirit of adventure and discovery.
  • Voluntary Service: To learn how to give useful service to others.
  • Talent training : To encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills.

To provide school support programs to primary and secondary school : Adventure Training Camp, Volunteers Training Program, Leadership Training Camp and workshop, Youth Voice Training.

Outreaching Services

To reach out to and establish direct contact with youths who are vulnerable to undesirable influences. We are aimed at helping youths to deal with difficulties encountered in daily life.


  • To assist them in excelling their potentials;
  • To prevent the deterioration of behavioral problems of youths;
  • To enhance their abilities in solving difficulties and problems.

School Social Work

The unit is serving Stationing School Social Work in Ng Wah Catholic Secondary School. It is aimed at helping students to develop their potential to the fullest and to build positive values as well as to assist them in coping with behavioral, emotional and adjustment problems.

Volunteers Services

Organizing regular volunteer services for young people and parents, to foster their sense of caring others as well as the society.

Career Guidance Program

The career guidance program was designed to unmotivated young people to facilitate career development. The aim of the program was to assist young people in understanding their interests, abilities, needs and priorities in relation to further education and careers explorations. The program provided pre-employment training and workplace attachment opportunities. Visits to organizations and invite guest speakers to give careers talks on job were organized so that they were well-equipped for job placement. The training program enabled the unmotivated young people to better understand themselves and their work aptitudes while enriching their job skills and experience.