Withdrawal Procedures of Service

  1. The participant who has registered for service and has the payment made (equivalent to “Participant” as below) can withdraw his/her application from the Centre not later than 6 working days before the Service. If there is a candidate on the waiting list, the vacancy will be filled up by that candidate. An administration fee of HK$30 will be collected from the participant who withdraws. The Centre will refund the service fee to the participant within 12 working days.
  2. If there is no candidate on the waiting list, the participant can nominate any eligible person to replace him/her. The Centre reserves the rights to admit the nominee. The participant has to pay HK$30 for administration fee if the nominee is admitted.
  3. If there is no waiting candidate, the participant cannot take back any fees he/she has made.
  4. If the Services in the Centre are to be rearranged due to change in situation, participants of any service that is postponed can either change to other service or quit their applications. The payment made would be transferred to the new Service or be refunded within 12 working days respectively.
  5. Under the following conditions, the Centre might cancel the eligibility of the participant to enjoy the Service without any refund:
    a. The participant applied to take part in the Service while he/she was not eligible to do so;
    b. The participant who ignore staff’s warnings concerning his/her speech or behavior during period of Service.
  6. The Worker-In-Charge or Social Work Supervisor may take into considerations any accountable reasons provided by participants who want to withdraw from Service and such cases will be dealt with individually.

*The Chinese version of this document has precedence over other versions.