Service Target

Children, aged 6 to 12, and their families living in the district

Our Goal

  • To help children develop their potentials to the fullest and achieve healthy personal growth;
  • To help children with their personal, family and interpersonal relationship or schooling problems; and
  • To support and strengthen children in disadvantaged circumstances and with special needs.

Service Content

Mini Home – After school Care Programme

Mini Home – After school Care Programme aims at providing supportive services for children aged six to twelve whose parents are unable to provide proper care for them during after-school hours owing to work or other reasons.

Target served:
P.1-P.6 students

Service content:

  1. Homework Guidance
  2. Parent Guidance and Education
  3. Skill Learning
  4. Other Social Activities and
  5. Tea/Snack service

Operating Hours:
From Monday to Friday, 3:00pm to 6:45pm

Fee Charge:

$980 / Month
(the families who have financial problems may contact the social workers)

Contact Person: Ms Sarah Wong

Children Service

Our service provide a wide range of services including guidance and counselling, supportive service for children in disadvantaged circumstances, socialisation programmes and development of social responsibility and competence so as to meet the multifarious needs of children aged 6-14.

Non-core programmes such as interest groups, summer youth programmes and mass community projects are also provided to offer opportunities for children to spend their leisure time constructively.

Service content:

  1. Individual and family counselling
  2. Supportive service for children in disadvantaged circumstances
    • Child development group for deprived children from low income or CSSA families
  3. Socialisation programmes
    • EQ training group
    • Storytelling training group
    • Social communication skill training group
    • Happy play group
    • Self control training group
    • Attention training group
    • News and problem-solving group
  4. Voluntary training and services
    • Flag selling volunteer services
    • Concern visit to the elders living alone or at care and attention home
  5. Leadership training
    • Adventure based counselling training camp
  6. Interest groups and activities
    • Yiu Tung football training group
    • Handicraft making groups
    • Happy cooking classes
    • Community exploration activities
  7. Summer youth programmes
    • Outdoor activities
    • Children summer overnight camp
  8. Mass community project
    • Pop-up play day (Pop-up playground project@Wong Tai Sin)

Parent Work

Our service provide a spectrum of services to address the multifarious needs of parents in the community. The parent services aims at enhancing parent-child relationship and communication, strengthening of parent different interests, widening their interpersonal network, expanding the support network for needy families, and promoting harmonious family relationship.

Service content
Services include enquiry service, family life education, group work service and parent-child activities etc.

  1. Enquiry service for needy parent
  2. Family life education
    • Positive thinking workshop
    • Parent talk
  3. Group work service
    • Members’ gathering for low income and CSSA families
    • Happy gathering activities
  4. Parent-child activities
    • Family outdoor activities

Family Volunteer Service

Target served:
Family with two generations

Parents would teach their children to participate in volunteer service in order to help them grow,
encourage them to learn to help others and care for the community.

Advantages of family volunteer services :

  • strengthen two generations to share their experience;
  • raise participation other than family life;
  • enhance a sense of achievement;
  • develop children’s sense of responsibility;
  • learn to communicate with others;
  • parents set good examples for children.

Volunteer services including :
Single elderly, blinded people, physically disadle…etc

Contact Person: Mr. Mok

Play Therapy

Target served:
Through social worker who are diagnosed to have specific difficulties

Yu Tung House Playroom

Service Duration:
5-8 sessions(app. 1hr. per session)

Fee Charge: (the families who have financial problems may contact the social workers)
$50/ session (members)
$80/session (non- members)

Contact Person: Mr. Mok, Sarah Wong

“I Laugh” Social Thinking Training Group

Michelle Garcia Winner, Speech Language Pathologist(USA) specializes in social cognitive deficits and the founder of Social Thinking® treatment framework, developed the related treatment approach for individuals with high-functioning autism, Asperger’s and similar challenges. Recently, “I Laugh” Social Thinking Training is introduced by CUHK, EDB and Caritas HK. Some professionals are trained and using these methods to build social thinking and related skills for primary and secondary school students in Hong Kong

(info is adapted from:

Target served:
P.5-P.6 students and S.1-S.3 students who are diagnosed to have autism spectrum disorders (high-functioning) or Asperger’s and their parents

Service content:

  1. “I Laugh” Social Thinking Training Group
  2. Parent Workshop
  3. Voluntary Services and parent-child activities
  4. Leadership training

Service Duration: Around 2 years (with 2 stages)

Fee Charge:

1st stage : $700 ( 10 session Social Thinking Training and 1 session parent workshop )
2nd stage: $800( 10 session Social Thinking Training)
( the families who have financial problems may contact the social workers)


Individual Application Form
Primary School Supportive Service Application Form
Secondary School Supportive Service Application Form

Contact Person: Sarah Wong

Volunteers Training and Recruitment

Aim :
Provide opportunities for volunteers to take care others and serve the community

Target serve :
Age 3-14

Service area:
Centre-base and outdoor

Volunteer Services including :

  • Mini-Home – after school care tutors
  • Subvented programmes – indoor & outdoor activities
  • Socialization – team building, emotional training, leadership training
  • Others – outdoor training camp, picnic, school prog…etc

Contact Person: Mr. Mok &Sarah Wong

Centre-based Support Primary School Services

Aim :
Support schools in the sense of primary students – centre approach

Target served:
P.1 – P.6

Area of Primary Schools :
Wong Tai Sin

Service including :

  • Growth and Development – Sex Talk, Adaptation of Secondary School Life programme
  • Life Education – Adversity training, self-confidence training
  • Socialization – team building, emotional training, leadership training
  • Others – Adventure Base Councelling, volunteer services, parent talk, school tailor-make prog

Contact Person: Mr. Mok (Reg. Social Worker)